General Questions
Question What is a scanned document?
Answer A scanned document is a digital "picture" of the original paper document.
Question Why should I have my document scanned?
Answer Organizations spend millions of dollars daily to search, retrieve, and file paper documents. Scanned documents can be retrieved in seconds!
Question Can I import scanned documents into my computer system?
Answer Yes. Hybridge technical staff can work with your software provider to provide images in a format compatible with your system.
Question Do I need special software or training to view scanned documents?
Answer Images can be viewed with Windows Explorer, Adobe Acrobat Reader, or Papervision retrieval software.
Question How secure are my documents with Hybridge?
Answer The security of your documents is always our #1 priority.
Question Is it cost-effective?
Answer Yes. Hybridge saves you 75% of the time and over 50% of the cost of scanning in-house.
Question What happens to the paper after it's scanned?
Answer It will be certifiably shredded.